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If crooked or misaligned teeth, underbite, overbite, etc., bothers you and you are looking for the best orthodontist in 02109 to address your dental issues, look no further than Dental Arts of Boston. At our dental office in 02109, we have helped numerous patients with orthodontic treatments achieve a straight, healthy smile with our orthodontic services.

At Dental Arts of Boston in 02109, we offer traditional metal braces and Invisalign to address orthodontic issues. After an initial consultation and oral exam, we’ll understand your dental condition and dental goals and discuss which type of braces is right for you. Then, our orthodontists in 02109 will create your treatment plan based on your needs and preferences.

Orthodontics At Dental Arts of Boston in 02109

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry specializing in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of jaw, face, and bite irregularities (malocclusion). These irregularities are typically a result of tooth irregularity and/or disproportionate jaw relationships. Orthodontic treatments at Dental Arts of Boston in 02109 address these issues using braces or aligners.

After your initial consultation, we will schedule your diagnostic records appointment. It’s at this appointment that we’ll take impressions and X-rays of your teeth to help us determine the proper orthodontic treatment for your unique situation. Generally, we’ll need to gather these records so that we can create a detailed treatment plan for you that we can then review and approve with you before any work begins.

If we’re able to begin your orthodontic care during your first visit, we will most likely have you come back for another visit. At this second visit, we may fit you for your first set of braces or Invisalign aligner trays, and be ready to get to work moving your teeth!

After the active phase of your treatment is complete, we’ll recommend wearing retainers to help keep your smile looking great as your mouth heals. Many patients choose to wear their retainers full time at first and then gradually move to wear them only at night. Your final orthodontic visits will be scheduled about six months following the end of your active treatment to keep an eye on your progress and make sure your smile stays straight and beautiful.

For the best orthodontic treatment, contact Dental Arts Of Boston at 26 Marlborough St, Boston, MA 02116, or call Dentist Boston MA at (617) 266-0441.

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