Whether you lost your tooth due to an accident, gum disease and decay, or fractures, we understand how important it is to your comfort and confidence to have a beautiful, full set of teeth. As the name suggests, dental implants replace missing teeth and restore function. If you are only missing a tooth or are not a candidate for other replacement options such as bridges or hybrid dentures, dental implants are the best, most trustworthy dental restoration solution for you. Unlike dentures that are at risk for sliding around your mouth, a dental implant is a permanent solution that stays put, and can only be removed by your dentist. At Dental Arts of Boston, placing implants is one of the restorative dental treatments we offer to our Boston, MA patients.

About Dental Implants

The implant is made of either titanium or ceramic and will act as a new root for a crown to be placed upon, which will be custom made to fit where the missing tooth was.

To begin treatment at Dental Arts of Boston, we start by getting a full medical history and discussing your desired results to determine if a dental implant is the best option for you. A variety of factors such as your oral hygiene, jawbone strength, and the location of the missing tooth are considered when our expert staff customizes a treatment plan for your needs.

There are two procedures to complete the dental implant restoration process: implant placement and crown placement. During the first procedure, we begin by placing the implant through your gums and into the bone in the gap where the tooth is missing. As mentioned previously, this implant serves as a replacement for the root of the tooth that was lost and will allow you to regain full function and bite strength. The implant bonds with the bone to create a secure, anchored point that is used to attach the crown which replaces the visible portion of a tooth.

It is at this time that dental impressions will be taken to ensure the crown is crafted to fit the exact shape and size of the gap between the surrounding teeth. Then, in the following procedure at a later date (after your mouth has time to heal), the crown is placed onto the implant to fully restore your smile. Each crown is specifically designed to match the current color and texture of your surrounding teeth and shaped to provide the best look and feel.

During your procedures, you won’t feel a thing as we use a local anesthetic to keep you pain-free. After your operation, you may experience some soreness and slight discomfort, which can be effectively treated with a combination of rest, cold compresses, and, if needed, prescription medication. With proper care, your dental implant will serve as a permanent replacement for your missing tooth; restoring your smile and confidence.

We are able to provide different dental implant solutions depending on the scenario. If you are missing a whole row or all of your teeth, we could put implants throughout every missing spot. On the other hand, you might only be missing a few teeth. In this case, we can simply replace the missing ones. We also have the option to combine implants with bridges and dentures to fill in every gap. We will provide an assessment and discuss your options with you. Various factors could affect the decision. These include price, function and convenience.

Benefits of Dental Implants

There are many benefits to selecting dental implants over alternatives, including,

  • Preserving the jawbone and reducing future bone loss
  • Maintaining the shape of your face and a youthful appearance
  • Serving as the healthiest restorative measure for neighboring teeth

Some people find it unnecessary to put dental implants throughout the entire mouth when other options such as dentures are available. But the results of implants can be very rewarding in that they provide a permanent new set of teeth that looks and functions like the real thing. Implants improve oral health by covering the vulnerable gum that was exposed to food particles that can transform into gum disease and tooth decay. In addition, missing teeth often lead to confidence concerns, so restoring the look of a healthy and beautiful smile can help your self-esteem.

The Tooth Replacement Process

At Dental Arts of Boston, we work to make dental implants as affordable and the least disruptive to your life as possible. Through our flexible scheduling options, we create a treatment schedule that fits your needs. We make sure that you really need this treatment before performing it and can provide financing options to help it fit your budget. We start with a thorough exam to learn what is needed, provide options and work to help you keep any remaining natural teeth.

For more information on dental implants or to schedule an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at (617) 579-8323.